Jasmine Fenn Artist


Jasmine Fenn Artist I use water mixable oils on canvas to paint Polly Pockets from the 80s and 90s. Nostalgia, memory and imaginative play are themes in my work and I invite adults to re-connect with objects they loved as kids. Check out my work on Instagram @jasmine.artist. Title: Polly Pocket at the Spa Material:

Gerry Munt


Gerry Munt Oils, water colours and pastels are adventures of which I never tire. Title: Le Boulevard de la Madeleine Media: Mixed media on Canvas Dimensions: 33 x 46 $ Not for sale You can communicate with the artist by email.

Manju Sah


Manju Sah I love the process of painting - with each stroke of the brush on the canvas a painting comes to life. I love the process - playing with light, shadows, colours, and translating an inspiration that I can share with others. Title: Nitobe Gardens Spring Dreamscape Media: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30 x

Christiane Kingsley


Christiane Kingsley My artwork wants to be a sharing of a moment of serenity, energy and balance. I want the viewer to look again, to look deeper and closer to discover the shift of colour and the shadows. Title: Let The Sunshine In Media: Oil on Canvas Dimensions: 24 x 24 $ 425 https://www.christianekingsleyart.com/



Amar My mame is Ana. I just paint for myself and I think this is a great chance to show my work. Title: Oyster Media: Oil on Canvas Dimensions: 24 x 27  $ 300 https://www.instagram.com/amarte_110/ Please contact the artist by email.

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