Pamela Mackenzie


Pamela Mackenzie Pamela Mackenzie, local Glebe photographer and artist, loves everything beautiful - whether it is people, nature, manmade or the every day item that is often overlooked. Her art reflects her fascination with colour, texture, light and "found" abstractions in the images she creates. Title: Reflections at Dusk Media: Photography Dimensions: 8 x 10

Devin Thompson


Devi Doodle, Youth Born to create: I love drawing objects, animals and themes personified! I get my inspiration from events that happen in my life and although I share my art often, some of my best work is kept private. :) Title: Garden Fairy Media: Copic markers and coloured paper Dimensions: 13 x 17 $

Rhondda MacKay Art


Rhondda MacKay Art A layered work, this piece emerged from mysterious “Pandemic questions”, overlayed with mixed media (fabric, tissue, acrylic sketches…) and droplet and moving marks, into bubbles separated and meeting. Fading circles represent hope returning with vaccines.. Title: COVID Contained? Media: Mixed media on Canvas Dimensions: 16 x 20 $ 300 Https:/

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