TRIVIA NIGHT in the GLEBE: Dec 1 at 7:30 pm

Join us at our LIVE Glebe Trivia event on Thursday, December 1! Trivia starts at 8:00pm.

Team up with your friends at the Glebe CC and enjoy an evening of hilarity and friendly competition against your neighbours as you try to win the Neighbourhood Exceptional Reasoning Distinction (the NERD).

Enjoy an optional Charcuterie board; wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will also be on offer that evening.

Create a team and see who comes out victorious!

TABLE: $160 seating up to 8 team members
INDIVIDUAL: $25 per person (can play independently or be added to a team)
Available: Nov 2, 9 am – Nov 7, 5 pm
(Save $5 a person on an 8 person team if you get an early bird table ticket.)

TABLE: $200 seating up to 8 team members
INDIVIDUAL: $30 per person (can play independently or be added to a team)
Available: Nov 7, 5 pm – Nov 29 at 5 pm



I heard that this event is IRL. Is that true?

IRL? Are people still saying that?

Only cool people. Is this event in person?

It is! Also, you might want to stop calling yourself cool if you are using terms like IRL.

Is there early bird pricing?

Why yes, there is! If you buy your tickets by November 7 you can purchase your table at the bargain cost of $160 or $25 per individual ticket

That is a bargain! Wow! But isn’t this a fundraiser for a new structure for the preschoolers? We want to make sure that you’re charging us enough.

That’s very thoughtful, thank you. It’s upstanding members of the community like you who make my job meaningful. You will have another opportunity to contribute at the silent auction.

What’s your job? FAQ-writer? Also, I love silent auctions!

Yes, it’s a living. This silent auction is going to be particularly excellent.

I’d rather miss the early bird deadline and pay a little more. Can you please explain the regular pricing?

We are charging $200 for a table of 8 or $30 per individual ticket.

Did you know that your math doesn’t add up?

Yes, it’s an incentive to buy a table.

That’s very hurtful, no-one has said that to me since Jann Arden.

What? No. Not Insensitive! Incentive, Merrriam Webster.

That was pretty insensitive! What if our team is more than 8?

Sorry about that. You can buy individual tickets for additional teammates but the table is really set up for 8 people. So hopefully everyone at your table smells amazing.

Can our team have more than one table?

Yes! All you have to do is buy a second table!

How many people per team?

As many people as you want, but keep in mind that you will have to agree on things, and let each other speak. Also, as mentioned above, the tables are really meant for 8.

I don’t have any smart friends. Can I play alone?

Yes, or you can indicate that you’d like to be placed on a team with people looking for extra teammates.

Can you guarantee that my new teammates will be as smart as I am?

No. But we can guarantee that they will be as nice as you are.

Will there be food at this event?

Yes! You can pre-order a charcuterie board for $35. It will feed about 6 people (unless it’s your dinner, and then it will feed one person).

Boards are edible? What kind of wood? Won’t that be hard on my teeth?

There will be food on the board, like cheeses and spreads and crackers.

Aha. What if I do want to eat the board? Is that allowed? I’m off carbs and it’s making me really peckish.

Yep. The board (which again, comes with food on it) is yours. You can gnaw on it, or take it home with you. But our lawyers would like us to remind you that we don’t recommend that you eat the actual board, but that you stick to the food on the board.

Will there be beverages?

Yes! There will be wine and beer, sold by the bottle or pitcher or by the glass.

I’m very into all the best wines. What kinds will there be?

A red one and a white one.

Do we get to keep the glass?

What? No.

Well, because we get to keep the charcuterie board.

No. You don’t get to keep the wine glass. Please don’t try to eat our glasses.

Is there anything else for me to take home in addition to the board? I took Marie Kondo a little too seriously during the last lockdown and now my house needs more stuff.

Yes, there is a fabulous door prize and as mentioned, the silent auction.

How does the event work?

Questions will be read and presented over PowerPoint (or played, for the music round) by our Trivia Masters, twice each. In that time you will collaborate with your teammates and then your team captain will record your team’s final answer. At the end of every second round, answers will be read out, and marked by the table next to yours who will then submit your score.

Wait! What? Other people are marking our answers? How do we stop people from cheating?

Well, if you are going to cheat, what’s the point in playing? Also, we have some moles scattered around the event, ready to make a citizen’s arrest and ban you from all future Trivia Nights and Taste in the Glebe events if you are caught cheating.

Seriously? Moles?

No. Just don’t cheat, okay?

How do we choose the team captain?

Choose someone kind of nerdy and officious, and also, gullible. I’m telling my husband that he’s been chosen because he’s the smartest.

Previously people used Google to argue with the Trivia Master. Is Google allowed?

No. It’s not. The Trivia Master’s word is final. If you come back at us with an example from Google, you will be called out as a cheating cheater.

But what if I’m only using Google to prove a point?

No Googling or phones during the rounds. If we see you with a phone in your hand, your team will be disqualified from that round.

How long will the event last?

About two hours. But it will be so much fun that it will feel like one hour and forty five minutes.

What’s the prize?

The Neighbourhood Exceptional Reasoning Distinction

Isn’t that just an acronym for NERD?.


Do the NERDs get any other kind of prize?

Yes! The winning team will receive a basket of amazing gifts to share amongst themselves.

Can kids play?

Sorry, no. This activity is an adult event.

But my kids are exceptionally smart, also gifted.


Can they join then?

No. It’s not fair to the parents who don’t have gifted kids. It will just make them sad. But please feel free to remind your teammates that you have gifted children a few times over the course of the event. People love that.

I’m super sad that I only got to wear my Halloween costume three times this fall. Can we wear costumes?

Yes! Team costumes are encouraged. They can be as simple as matching T-shirts or as complex as the craftiest person on your team dreams up and forces you to spend hours making in their dungeon craft room with a hot glue gun.



Are there prizes for costumes?

Your prize is looking fabulous in a costume!


No. A prize will be awarded for best team costume.

I’m really bad at trivia. Should I still play?

Yes! There will be a variety of fun questions in many different areas, aimed at every skill level (but if you care about winning and are really bad, try to find teammates who are a little smarter than you are).

I don’t really like trivia, should I still play?

Yes, but not on my team.