TRIVIA NIGHT in the GLEBE: is postponed

Join us at our ZOOM Glebe Trivia event on Friday April 29! Log in at 8:15pm to say hi, and Trivia starts at 8:30pm.

Team up with your friends in the comfort of your own home and enjoy an evening of hilarity and friendly competition against your neighbours as you try to win the Neighbourhood Exceptional Reasoning Distinction (the NERD).

Create a team and see who comes out victorious! Please don’t share the log-in for this fundraiser.

Next event tickets will be available here


I am pretty tired of online events. I’d like to play trivia IRL.

Even though our hosts are online, you are welcome to get together to play with your team members at someone’s house. Also, IRL? Are people still saying that?

Okay, let’s say we do that. How does the pricing work? A lot of us will be logging on from the same computer, and we want to make sure GNAG isn’t ripped off. We know that this is a fundraiser and that times have been tough.

That’s very thoughtful, thank you. It’s upstanding members of the community like you who make my job meaningful. Unlike previous trivia nights we are charging per person, as opposed to per login.

What’s your job? FAQ-writer? Also can you please explain the pricing?

We are charging $35 per person or $175 for a team of 8 or more, or $160 before April 19. And yes, it’s a living.

Did you know that your math doesn’t add up?

Yes, it’s an incentive.

That’s very hurtful, no-one has said that to me since Jann Arden.

What? No. Not Insensitive! Incentive, Merriam Webster.

That was pretty insensitive! Can you tell me more about the incentive?

Sorry, yes. In addition to saving money on the cost of your team’s registration, each individual team member whose team takes advantage of the early bird pricing will be entered into a draw to win tickets for two to GNAG’s May 6 performance of An Act of Grace.

What if people don’t submit all of their team members’ names in order to save money?

Well, firstly, they will have to live with the guilt of essentially stealing from GNAG, and also we will see them on screen. Finally there will be SWAG for all members of the winning team and if you aren’t signed up in advance, you won’t be eligible for the aforementioned SWAG.

SWAG? Are people still saying that?


I’m not sure about going to a friend’s house, none of us have dusted or cleaned since March 2020. Can I still play with my team remotely?

Yes! You and your teammates can collaborate in any way you’d like — you might want to have a WhatsApp group chat or everyone on speaker phone, or a concurrent Zoom call of just team members. The only methods that we really don’t recommend are telepathy and faxing.

How can we do two concurrent Zoom calls? Won’t that be very noisy?

Yes, it can be very noisy depending on the loudness of your team members (you know who you are).

No, I meant because it’s two concurrent Zoom calls.

Right. In order to avoid a pretty horrific feedback situation we suggest that only one person on your team keep the sound on the main call. You will all listen to the questions through that person’s computer speaker.

What if we have the first problem and we can’t hear the questions?

The questions will also be presented over PowerPoint, so you can read them as well.

How many people per team?

As many people as you want, but keep in mind that eventually you will have to agree on things, and let each other speak.

I don’t have any smart friends. Can I play alone?

Yes, or you can indicate that you’d like to be placed on a team with people looking for extra teammates.

Can you guarantee that my new teammates will be as smart as I am?

No. But we can guarantee that they will be as nice as you are.

My spouse and I are very competitive. Can two people from the same household be on different teams?

Yes. You will need two tickets and two separate logins. And possibly separate sleeping arrangements. 

We have chosen a super-hilarious team name that may or may not involve the words “Glebe” and “winners” and “trivia”. Should that be our login name?

Yes! When you log in make sure your team name is first. So If your team name was say “Glebe Trivia Winners” you would put that as your login name.

How do you know our team name?! Is this not a secure connection?

Please contact your Internet service provider.

How will it work?

Questions will be read and presented over PowerPoint (or played, for the music round) by our Trivia Masters, twice each. In that time you will collaborate with your teammates and then your team captain will record your team’s final answer. At the end of every second round, answers will be read out, you will mark your own answers, tally, and submit your scores.

Wait! What? We are marking our own answers? How do we stop people from cheating?

Well, first of all, people can also cheat when they are answering the questions. Their sixth teammate might be Alexa, or Siri, or Jeeves. But then what’s the point in playing? Also, we have some moles scattered around the neighbourhood, ready to make a citizen’s arrest and ban you from all future Trivia Nights and Taste in the Glebe events if you are caught cheating.

Seriously? Moles?

No. Just don’t cheat, okay?

Previously people used Google to argue with the Trivia Master. Is Google allowed now?

No. It’s not. The Trivia Master’s word is final. If you come back at us with an example from Google you will be called out as a cheating cheater.

But what if I’m only using Google to prove a point?

We have decided to take the rhino by the (keratin) horns. No Googling from the start of the game until the end. You can do it.

How long will it last?

About two hours. But it will be so much fun that it will feel like one hour and forty five minutes.

Will we ever get to see our team?

Yes! There will be a fifteen minute intermission where you and your teammates can call each other over Zoom or the phone if you don’t already have a call happening. This is a nice way to connect with your teammates and point fingers at the person who keeps giving you the most wrong answers.

What’s the prize?

The Neighbourhood Exceptional Reasoning Distinction

Isn’t that just an acronym for NERD?


Do the NERDs get any other kind of prize?

Yes! For the first time ever each winning team member will get a piece of mystery SWAG.

How do we choose the team captain?

Choose someone kind of nerdy and officious, and also, gullible. I’m telling my husband that he’s been chosen because he’s the smartest.

Can young children join in?

This activity is geared toward adults. We recommend that you put your kids to bed, or in front of a video. It’s not like you haven’t had a lot of together time this year.

But my kids are exceptionally smart.


Can they join then?

Well, as long as the moles don’t find out.

You said there were no moles.

That’s not actually a question.



I’m really bad at trivia. Should I still play?

Yes! There will be a variety of fun questions in many different areas, aimed at every skill level (but if you care about winning and are really bad, try to find teammates who are a little smarter than you are).

I don’t really like trivia, should I still play?

Yes, but not on my team.